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After a mediocre 2007 season at AAA, the Twins weren’t convinced that Denard Span was the man to take the reigns from Torii Hunter in center. The phrase “playing angry” has been used to describe Span’s mentality since then. And if that’s what it takes to motivate him – it seems to have worked. When […]

The Twins have not had to worry much about closing games since 2004. That’s when Joe Nathan came to Minnesota from San Francisco in a package deal that included Francisco Liriano for then catcher A.J. Pierzynski. Since then Nathan has saved 246 games for the Twins, appeared in 4 all-star games, and genuinely shut down American League hitters. […]

After purchasing season tickets to the Twins debut season at Target Field, I have spent hours gearing up for the new season.  I followed all the rumors, signings, articles, blogs, and now finally spring training reports.  Let me tell you, there are some fantastic writers covering the Twins in this market. I would like to join […]